The City manages growth in keeping with its hometown character by working smart to attract solid businesses. It handles or administers the approvals, secures the best incentives, expedites plan reviews and ensures timely permits. Staff works closely with its developers to get to know them from the outset. They provide everything a developer, contractor or business owner needs to know about building or expanding a commercial, industrial, retail or residential development in the community, and helps them navigate the entire process. Not sure how a certain property is zoned?  You can use this interactive map to find how an individual parcel is zoned.

About the Zoning Division

The Zoning Division asks the question, "What are you doing and where are you doing it?" We review plans for any structure or use and upon approval issue Certificates of Zoning Compliance commonly referred to as "Zoning Permits".

Our personnel also guide applicants in the proper direction when their desired use requires special approval.

About the Code Enforcement Division

Our mission is to serve the citizens and businesses of Huber Heights through enforcement of their Zoning codes. We strive to aid residents and business owners in being thoroughly compliant with the community standards established by the citizens through their City Council.

Properties in Violation