Boards & Commissions


City boards and commissions are established and appointed by the City Council under the City Charter or through the passing of an ordinance. The specific duties of the board or commission are defined in the City Charter or the establishing ordinance or resolution. Members of the boards or commissions are appointed by the City Council. The role of boards and commissions is to provide advice and recommendations to the City Council with respect to the conduct and management of any property or facility or in connection with any public function of the City. The City Charter or the ordinance or resolution creating the board or commission specifies its powers and duties.

Creation of City Boards & Commissions

The City Council may at any time, by ordinance or resolution, create a board or commission. The ordinance or resolution creating such a board or commission shall specify the powers and duties, and the number and qualifications of its members. The City Council may at any time, by ordinance or resolution, abolish any existing board or commission (except those established by City Charter).

Established City Boards & Commissions

The following City boards and commissions have been established by the Huber Heights City Charter:

Applying to Serve/Vacancies

View the Boards & Commissions Service Page for more information on vacancies and appointments for City boards and commissions.

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