Water Disruptions & Restrictions

Whenever possible, Veolia will plan for routine maintenance and notify each customer one (1) working day prior to disrupting service. In the case of an emergency such as a water main break, the first priority is to minimize potential property damage and restore service, so usually no notice can be given prior to disrupting service. 

If the water line has to be completely shut down, we will issue a "boil order notice" to all customers affected by the shut down. A notice will be hung on your door or handed to you, telling you to boil your water prior to use for cooking or drinking. You will be notified in the same way once a sample has been taken and laboratory analysis results show that the water is safe for domestic use. Generally, this entire process takes no more than 48 hours.

Knowing about water use restrictions

In the event of drought, disaster or any other emergency demanding an immediate response to protect the water supply and public interest, voluntary and/or mandatory water use restrictions and any other measures necessary may be ordered by the City Manager. We will make customers aware of these restrictions through use of social media, radio, television and newspaper. Please help by complying with any necessary restrictions so that normal service can be restored as soon as possible.