Water & Wastewater


The City of Huber Heights Division of Water and Wastewater provides water service and wastewater collection service to the 40,000 residents of Huber Heights. The City provides these services in partnership with SUEZ formerly known as United Water, the operation and management firm hired by the City of Huber Heights to operate the City-owned Division of Water and Wastewater.

Customer Commitments

The City of Huber Heights and SUEZ are committed to providing reliable and efficient water and wastewater utility services to our customers. In providing these services, we incur a number of responsibilities, many of which are described on this page. In order to provide these services, each and every customer also takes on several responsibilities and makes commitments so that all customers may enjoy safe and reliable water and wastewater services. These customer commitments include:

  • Customers are responsible for paying any and all charges incurred on the account by the due date that appears on the bill.
  • Customers must provide access to City owned meters for meter reading purposes.

Reporting Complaints

If you have a concern at any time regarding your utility service bill, disconnection notice, quality of service or any other matter relating to water or wastewater service, please contact SUEZ. Your concern may be made in writing, in person or by telephone at 233-3292. SUEZ will make every effort to satisfy your concerns about your water or wastewater service and the manner in which it is delivered to you. SUEZ operates the City’s water and wastewater utilities in accordance with City utility service regulations, and does not have authority to change these regulations. This authority is in the hands of City Council. When your concern or suggestion would require a change in City policy or City regulations, we will advise you to write the Citizens Water and Sewer Advisory Board for consideration of your concern or suggestion. For customer inquiries or complaints regarding SUEZ service, our procedure for responding to a complaint is as follows.