Evidence Technicians

Huber Heights Police Division Evidence Technicians receive specialized training from the Miami Valley Regional Crime Laboratory. Each Evidence Technician has been through a minimum 120 hour training course.  Many also have additional specialized training in shooting reconstruction, blood spatter, entomology, forensic aspects of death scenes, an so on.  

The purpose of an Evidence Technician is to preserve and collect evidence at crime scenes. This evidence is used to investigate criminal activity and prosecute the offender. 

Huber Heights Police Division Evidence Technician's have  extensive training and hands on experience in subjects such as:

  • Crime scene mapping and diagramming
  • Firearms and toolmarks
  • Photography
  • Latent fingerprint collection and preservation
  • Trace Evidence
  • Toxicology
  • Chemistry
  • Death investigation
  • DNA
  • Blood spatter

If officers respond to your residence or business for anything from a theft from a motor vehicle to a death, you will most likely encounter an EV Tech who will collect and preserve evidence at the scene.  Sergeant William Garlow is the supervisor over evidence collection and preservation.