Compliments and Complaints

How to give a compliment or make a complaint about the police:

Contact the Police Division and ask to talk to the Officer-in-Charge. The non-emergency number is 233-1565. There is an Officer-in-Charge on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. You may make complaints in person, via the website, or by mail at 6121 Taylorsville Road, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424.

To complete this task online click here: Compliment/Complaint Form

For Complaints:

1. After the complaint is received it will be assigned to the appropriate individual for investigation. A response will be sent advising that the complaint is under investigation. The letter will also contain the name and contact information of the investigating individual. This letter will also serve as your receipt that the complaint was received.

2. The investigating employee will contact you should additional information be necessary or a formal statement be needed.

3. When the investigation is completed, you will receive a letter informing you of the findings and outcome of the investigation.

If at any time during this process you have any questions please feel free in contacting the  Police Division’s Administrative Office at:  237-5850.


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Complaints of police officer misconduct

Section 2921.15 of the Ohio Revised Code provides for a criminal penalty for knowingly filing a false complaint alleging peace officer misconduct. 

No person shall knowingly file a complaint against a peace    officer that alleges that the peace officer engaged in misconduct in the performance of the officer's duties if the person knows that the allegation is false. 

Whoever violates division (B) of this section is guilty of making a false allegation of peace officer misconduct, a misdemeanor of the first degree. 


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