Bicycle Patrol

Two Bicycle Patrol Officers

The Bicycle Patrol is one of the many specialty units utilized by the Huber Heights Police Division. The officers are assigned to this unit after completing a 40 hour police cyclist course conducted by the International Police Mountain Bike Association. Officers must show competency in completing many different drills during the course. The course consists of maneuverability drills, riding in traffic, covert tactics, subject apprehension, firearms proficiency, and the ability to ride long distances in any type of weather.

The Bike Unit is a versatile tool utilized by the police division to deter crime. Bike Officers patrol neighborhoods and parks, ride in areas that normally are not accessible to vehicles, and can be used during special events. The unit uses heavy duty "Trek" bikes which are kept in good operating condition by an officer that is a certified mechanic. The bikes have a special rack designed to carry all of the equipment the officer needs. You will notice that Bike Officers can be seen wearing shorts or long pants. They will also have the word "POLICE" in reflective letters on their back. This is a safety measure to allow the officers maximum visibility to the public. Bike Officers always wear their helmets. Please feel free to stop a bike officer in your neighborhood any time you see them out and about. They will be excited to tell you about their bikes and the impact that they are making on your community.