Huber Heights Municipal Prosecutor

After a crime is reported, investigation may take significant time before the filing of a criminal charge or arrest. If the charge is filed as a misdemeanor offense against an adult, it will be prosecuted at the Huber Heights division of the Montgomery County Municipal Court (located behind the police station at 6121 Taylorsville Road). The Huber Heights Municipal Prosecutor has open office hours at the court on Tuesday mornings from 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.   The Municipal Prosecutor can be reached by calling 937-496-7231.

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For misdemeanor crimes committed within the Miami County portion of Huber Heights please contact the Miami County Municipal Courts at 937-440-3910 or the Miami County Juvenile Court at 937-440-5970 if the defendant is a juvenile offender.

You can invoke your “upon request” rights by contacting the appropriate prosecutor’s office, court, and jail.

As a victim, you may also be eligible for assistance from the Ohio Crime Victim Compensation Program if you were the victim of assault, domestic violence, impaired driving or a bite from a dog running at large. Even though you must seek restitution as part of the court case if one is pending, the compensation program may assist you with the costs of medical and dental bills, relocation, crime scene cleanup and mental health counseling . The program does not pay for loss due to strictly economic crimes such as theft or property damage. See the prosecutor’s office for more info.