Commercial Permits

Fire Permits, Codes & Requirements

For anyone who has ever opened a new business, performed renovations to a building, installed a new component or process or just simply wanted to have a backyard campfire, the question of whether or not you need a permit has probably crossed your mind. Our goal on this page is to reduce the confusion and increase consistency when it comes to the permit process. Please read this page and in its entirety as it applies to your application and contact our office with any questions.

Common Agencies

There are 4 common agencies that you will work with in order to achieve compliance. Those agencies are:

These agencies regulate codes and standards for all aspects of Health and Safety as it relates to the City of Huber Heights.

Permit Requirement Examples

  • Any work that is more than minor repair or minor replacement
  • Building a New Building
  • Interior Renovations for buildings (including non-load-bearing walls)
  • Occupying an Existing Building for Commercial Use (New Business Name)

Contact Information:

Regina Susong - Prevention Manager / Plans Examiner: 937-237-3552