Public Records

The People's Records

In Ohio, public records are the people’s records, and the officials in whose custody the public records happen to be are merely trustees for the people. Public records in the custody of the City are retained according to the Public Records Retention Schedules (RC-2 Forms) established by the City of Huber Heights Public Records Commission (A copy of which is maintained by the Public Records Administrator). All public records maintained by the City will be made available for prompt inspection and/or copying within a reasonable period of time upon the request of any member of the public.

Requestor Options

Upon request, public records shall be copied by a City employee and made available to the Requestor within a reasonable time during normal business hours. The Requestor may choose to have the public record duplicated (i) on paper, (ii) on the same medium upon which the City keeps the record, or (iii) on any other medium the City determines it can reasonably be duplicated as an integral part of the normal operations of the City. The costs for public records are established in the Public Records Fee Schedule.

Exempt/Redacted Information

Certain public records are defined by law as “exempt” from inspection and copying. If a public record contains information that is exempt from public inspection, the City shall make available all of the information within the public record that is not exempt and the Requestor will be notified if any information is redacted or the redaction will be made plainly visible.

Denials Including Legal Authority

If it is not clear whether the record requested is one that can be released, the City will allow inspection or provide copies to the extent permissible as soon as appropriate personnel have had an opportunity to review the request. If a request to inspect and/or copy a public record is denied in whole or in part, the City shall provide the Requestor with an explanation that includes legal authority and sets forth why the request was denied.

Revision of Requests

If the City cannot reasonably identify what public records are being requested, the City will explain to the Requestor the manner in which records are maintained and accessed in the ordinary course of the public office and the Requestor will be given an opportunity to revise their request.

Questions, Comments & Concerns

Questions? Please call the City of Huber Heights Public Records Administrator at 937-233-1423.

Public Records Retention Schedules (RC-2 Forms)