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Request to be added to No Solicitation List

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  2. Request for address to be added to "Do Not Solicit List"
  3. 737.12 PROHIBITED SOLICITING; NOTICE. (a) No person shall knock at the door or ring the doorbell of any residence, apartment, or other dwelling unit in the City upon which is clearly displayed at the entrance a notice that reads "NO SOLICITORS" or that otherwise clearly purports to prohibit peddlers, contact canvassers, vendors, solicitors, or persons requesting contributions, unless such person is or has been invited upon the premises by the occupant thereof. (b) "Do Not Solicit" List. The Chief of Police or his or her designee shall maintain the "Do Not Solicit" List. Any property owner, or tenant(s) if the property is leased, may elect to add or remove his or her residence to or from the "Do Not Solicit" List, at any time, by: (1) Calling or visiting the Police Division offices or the City's offices; (2) Directing an email request to the City through a link to be maintained on the City's website for that purpose; or (3) Returning a "Do Not Solicit" request form, if such request forms are provided by mail. (c) The "Do Not Solicit" List shall be updated as fo llows: (1) Every person who elects to add his or her residence to the "Do Not Solicit" List shall be required to re-register such residence every five years. Any residence that is not re-registered in accordance with this section shall be removed from the "Do Not Solicit" List; (2) On a periodic basis, the Chief of Police shall compare the "Do Not Solicit" List to the utility database to identify which residences on the "Do Not Solicit" List have been transferred or sold since being registered. The "Do Not Solicit" List shall remove any such residence; and (d) The Chief of Police shall provide a copy of the "Do Not Solicit" List to each person issued a License pursuant to this Chapter. In addition, any person may obtain a copy of the "Do Not Solicit" List by: (1) Visiting the City's offices during normal business hours; (2) Visiting the City's Police Department any time during normal business hours; or (3) Accessing a copy from the City's website. (e) No person shall enter onto the property of any residence listed on the "Do Not Solicit" List maintained in accordance with subsection (a) hereof for the purpose of contact canvassing, peddling, vending, soliciting, or requesting contributions.
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