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Home Security Camera Registration

  1. Huber Heights Police Division Home Security Camera Registration
    Did you know your home security camera archives could help the Huber Heights Police Division solve a crime? From time to time, home security camera videos can help Huber Heights Police gather critical information about crimes and suspicious activities. If you have a home security camera system and you would be willing to provide archived video to the Huber Heights Police in the case of a suspected crime in your area, please complete the form below. Officer's or Detective's investigating incidents in the area will know that your home possibly has surveillance video when you register, we can then contact you in an attempt to locate video evidence. Example; a motor vehicle theft occurs at 123 Main St. The neighbor at 125 Main St. has a camera system that records. We know that 125 Main St has a video system that records (because they have registered) and we contact them to request any video of the incident, possibly giving us valuable evidence to solve the auto theft.
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