EMS Transport / Billing

The Fire Division does bill for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) transports and all monies recovered goes directly back in the Division’s Budget.

Soft Billing

The City of Huber Heights has adopted the practice of "soft-billing" the residents of Huber Heights. Although you may receive an invoice, our billing agent will accept the insurance’s reimbursement and will not turn the balance over to a collection agency. If you receive a payment from your insurance agency, please submit that to the following address:

Huber Height Division of Fire
P.O. Box 637726
Cincinnati, Ohio 45263 to 7726

If you have any questions, please contact Fire Division Headquarters or our billing agency directly:

Change Health Care
3131 Newmark Drive, Suite 100
Miamisburg, Ohio 45342

Phone Number: 800-233-8989


The Huber Heights Fire Division will transport to the following hospitals provided your emergency does not require specific treatment offered by a more appropriate facility.

Our protocols, however, may dictate a specific facility based on your emergency.

  • Grandview
  • Huber ED
  • Kettering
  • Miami Valley
  • Soin
  • Veteran’s Administration Hospital


All Huber Heights personnel are trained to the Level of the State of Ohio Paramedic. In addition to the Ambulances, the fire apparatus are also equipped with Advanced Life Support (ALS) equipment and staffed with paramedics to provide immediate ALS care.