Police Division


6121 Taylorsville Road
Huber Heights, OH 45424



Link: Police Department Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Lightner, Mark Chief of Police 937-237-3608  
Beisel, Maria Administrative Assistant to Chief of Police 937-237-3609  
Ashley, Anthony Administrative Lieutenant 937-237-3590  
Carr, Brian Special Operations Lieutenant 937-237-3578  
Reaman, Brad Patrol Operations Lieutenant 937-237-3549  
Ringer, Dorian Detective Sergeant 937-237-3583  
Fosnight, Josh Public Affairs Sergeant 937-237-3592  
Olinger, Drew Public Affairs Officer 937-237-3567  
Reckner, Michael SRO 937-939-1650  
Elliott, Chris SRO 937-604-1036  
Cahill, Gabby SRO 937-604-2309  
Wiley, Deborah Communications / Records Manager 937-237-3597  
Morris, Wendy Communications / Records Supervisor 937-237-3586  
Holwell, Christina Accreditation 937-237-3546