Water Softening – What is going on?

The project is moving forward. The City hired an engineering firm to design the softening upgrade to the exiting water facility. The design was completed in July of 2018 and was submitted to Ohio EPA (OEPA) for approval. EPA made comments and revisions and in January 2019 we received notice from EPA that the design is acceptable and we should see an approval letter very soon!

What is the next step after design?

The design has already gone to City Council for review and was approved. The project is now ready for the bid process. Once that process complete, Council will review/approve and award a contract to the successful bidder. The bidding, approval and awarding of the contract should take approx. 2 months.

How long will construction take after it begins?  

Once the contract has been awarded to the successful bidder, it is estimated that actual construction will take approx. 15 months.

When will my water bill go up and by how much?

Water Rates increased in January 2019 by 15% of the water charges only. They are again scheduled to increase in January 2020 by 15% of the water charges only. These increases include the cost of the water-softening project as well as a water pressure project.

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1. Water Softening – What is going on?
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