Water Softening – What is going on?

The project is now underway! Construction began in July, 2019.

How long will construction take now that it has started? 

It is estimated that actual construction will take approximately 15 months.

When will my water bill go up and by how much?

Water Rates already increased in January 2019 by 15% of the water charges only. The rates are again scheduled to increase in January 2020 by 15% of the water charges only. These increases include the cost of the water-softening project as well as the water pressure project.

What is the hardness level now and what will it be after the plant is complete?

Currently the total hardness of the water ranges from 307 to 422 mg/l or 18 to 25 grains per gallon. When the softening project is complete total hardness will range from 120 to 130 mg/l or 7 to 8 grains per gallon. Though on the scale of hardness, this will still be considered moderately hard, it will be a great improvement from what we have now. Our level of softening will be slightly softer than other cities in the area, such as the City of Dayton. The City’s water will not be softened more than this because the water would be very acidic and could cause plumbing corrosion or leaching of lead from soldered plumbing joints.

Will I still need a water softener?

This is a personal choice. Some people will feel that the water is not soft enough and want to keep their water softeners and others will choose to eliminate them.

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