What should I do if I need to turn off the water to my house?

Every home is equipped with a shut off valve that allows you to turn the water off inside your home. It is wise to locate that valve in case of an emergency. In most "Huber Homes," the main valve is located in the utility room, next to the water heater. It is the valve closest to the floor. (If you need assistance locating the valve, call SUEZ and schedule an appointment with a service representative to help locate the valve. There is no charge for this service.) Turning the valve clockwise should completely turn off the water inside your home. If there is no valve in this location of your home, please check with a plumber or a previous owner to find out the location of the shut off valve in your home. If you need an emergency shutoff, call SUEZ at 937-233-3292, 24 hours a day.

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