Why is my water pressure SUDDENLY low?

If your water pressure suddenly drops there could be several reasons why.  Here are a few ways troubleshoot the problem:

Water Softener Issue - To check this check your owner's manual to see how to bypass your water softener.  Generally there is a switch on the unit.  If your pressure returns to normal when it is bypassed, consult with a plumber to correct the problem with the unit.

Construction crews or the water department - could be working on a repair to a water main in the area.  If the water department is working in  your area they do their best to notify all those affected, however this is not always possible in emergency situations.  When the work is complete your water pressure should return to normal.  If it does not contact the water department at 937-233-3292 to further investigate.

Faucets/Fixtures - Check various locations throughout the home.  If the low pressure is only affecting one or two locations, the source of the low water pressure is likely a clogged facuet or screen/aerator.  If this is the case remove the screen from the faucet and clean or replace it. 

Hot Water Heater issue - Run both hot and cold water through all faucets.  If you water pressure is low only when hot water is running, the issue could be your water heater.  In this case consult with a plumber to troubleshoot further.

Galvanized piping - In older homes not built by Huber Homes, and (in excess of 50 years old) you could have galvanized piping.  If so over time corrosion of the piping can occur.  This is not a common problem in Huber Heights as most service lines are made of copper or PVC.  If you do have galvanized piping you will need to consult with a plumber to resolve the issue.

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