What is the projected economic development impact of the music center?

The music center was designed and built to become an economic catalyst for Huber Heights. The goal and mission of the music center is to provide a top-class amenity, add to the cultural arts, and bring people into the area to spark additional development and economic benefit to our community. This concept has already been proven to work, as a major economic boost has been attracted in even before the music center is completed! GoodSports hotel and fieldhouse will be breaking ground in the Spring, and will bring the world of sports tourism to our community. Their project is expected to bring well over $100K each year in additional revenue just at their facility. That does not include the economic benefit to our existing and future restaurants, hotels, and other service and entertainment businesses. There is a growing flow of interest from other significant development that will positively impact the economic growth and development of Huber Heights. An independent feasibility validation study conducted by the nationally  recognized Conventions Sports & Leisure details all projected  revenue and economic development impacts, view the Feasibility Validation Study March 14, 2013 (PDF).

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1. What is the state of the city’s financial situation?
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6. What is the projected economic development impact of the music center?
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