What is the state of the city’s financial situation?

In 2008, the City of Huber Heights responded to citizen’s desires and allowed for a .25% earned income tax rate to rescind by vote of the citizens. At the time, there was more than $12 million in cash reserves in the city’s operating reserve fund. Since then, the city has been forced to deplete the reserve at an average rate of $2 million dollars per year in order to maintain current levels of safety and city services. Voters rejected an attempt to raise new revenue in 2012. Maintaining current service levels, the reserve fund will be depleted in 2015, and the city will need to raise additional revenue through an earned income tax increase or forced to drastically reduce city services.

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1. What is the state of the city’s financial situation?
2. Why hasn’t the city informed the residents of this financial situation?
3. If the city knew it was spending its cash reserves, why is the music center being built?
4. How was the construction contract for the music center awarded?
5. How does the cost of our music center compare to the one built in Cincinnati?
6. What is the projected economic development impact of the music center?
7. What will the music center’s impact on our city’s safety services be?
8. Where can I view specific information regarding the city’s financial status?
9. Why is the city talking about raising taxes instead of making do with less money?
10. What exactly is taxed in an earned income tax?
11. How can I participate in having my voice heard by city officials?
12. Can the city explain the use of the Emergency Clause that seems to be used for legislative actions taken by the City?