Public Health Information

The City of Huber Heights recognizes the established National and State Emergencies regarding the outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19).  The links to pages below provide updated information about the virus and current actions by and within the City.

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Affirmed by the Governor; Director of the Department Of Health Issued Orders

Click HERE to view the Order Effective April 6

Please review the order in detail, but here is some brief information as it is avialble at the time of publication:

Stay-At-Home Order is similar to a shelter-in-place issued by other states.  Order will go into effect April 6, 2020 at 11:59pm and will last until May 1, 2020.

Order requires anyone not conducting essential activities or services to remain at home and avoid going out and meeting with others. The Order allows for certain activities including leaving the house for health and safety, for necessary supplies and services, and for outdoor activity.  It does state playgrounds and outdoor places of gathering will be closed.

The Order allows you to leave your home to care for family in other households and to take them to essential places and appointments.

People who are working in essential fields will be able to go to work; Restaurants will still be able to offer carry-out, and grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies and healthcare facilities will remain open.   For a list of essential fields, reference the Order and the Department of Homeland Security Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrasturcture Workforce

Second Order to Extend the Expiration Date of Various Orders

Director’s Order for Facial Coverings Throughout Ohio

Public Health Dayton & Montgomery County

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Ohio Public Health Advisory System

88 counties info (002)

April 7 Situation Report