Harshmanville Road Water Main Replacement

The Harshmanville Road Water Main Replacement Project started the week of January 13, 2020.  The scope of the project includes the replacement of the existing 6” cast iron water mains located on the streets listed below.  The effected roadways have already been sawcut on each side of the water main trench prior to the excavation.   The contractor is Outdoor Enterprises and they plan to begin the actual excavation at the beginning of February.   The existing mains were installed in the late 1960’s and have deteriorated tremendously over time.  The soils in this area have been found to be very corrosive and at that time, the pipe was installed and backfilled using this same soil. There have been numerous water main breaks in this area over the last 10 years and most of the breaks have shown to be large holes in the pipe where the pipe was extremely thin and brittle.  

The work for this project consists of the installation of 3,925 LF of new water main.  The pipe will include a zinc coating to protect the new ductile iron pipe from the corrosive soil.  The main size will increase from 6” to 8” diameter to meet current AWWA/industry standards for water quality and fire protection.  Along with the new pipe, 22 new watermain valves, 7 new fire hydrants, 67 one-inch tap connections and the restoration of pavement/turf areas that are disturbed by the project.

This project is located on:

  •  Harshmanville Road from Chambersburg Road to 100’ south of Moorefield Drive
  •  Coleraine Drive from Chambersburg Road to Tilbury Road
  •   Tilbury Road from Harshmanville Road to 100’ east of Coleraine Drive
  •   All of Cranwell Circle

Project Map

The project construction will take 3-4 months to complete.  After completion, the entire width of the road will be milled and repaved with a new course of asphalt.