Attorney General Collection Enforcement

The Division of Taxation has contracted with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office of Collection Enforcement to collect outstanding debt. 

The City sends a minimum of 3 letters to taxpayer’s for money owed and/or non-filing of tax years. Once the taxpayer has not responded to 3 attempts the taxpayer is then sent to the Attorney General’s Office for collection. Once the Attorney General has contacted you by letter, we can no longer assist you with your account (on the years stated on the letter).

The Collection Enforcement has regional offices located in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Youngstown to assist taxpayers daily with account resolution and payments. You can access an on-line payment system 24/7 or contact Collections Enforcement Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm at 888-301-8885.

If visiting the Attorney General Collections Enforcement in Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo or Youngstown, valid photo identification is required to be able to access the floor. It must be presented to building security for registration and issuance of a visitor pass.