Water Pressure Zone Increase

Update October 28, 2019 - The North Pressure Zone water pressure project is completed. The construction of the three booster stations, three pressure valves and all other necessary equipment has been completed. The system was started up about five months ago and the pressure has been increased to approximately 20 psi. We experienced many water main breaks that were expected each time the pressure was increased. This is normal as the weak points in the system create water main breaks. We may continue experiencing some water main breaks and Suez will continue to make the repairs. 

The intention of the North I-70 Water Pressure Project is to increase the pressure in the City’s water system, north of I-70, by approximately 20 psi to reach a system pressure of approximately 60 to 80 psi. The areas affected have, in some cases, had significantly lower pressures than many other areas of the city. This will increase the ability to utilize the available flow of water in the systems more uniformly throughout the city.