Police Explorer Post

The Huber Heights Police Explorer Post Number 57 has been in existence since May of 1979. The formulation of this Post was the idea of Officer Mark Bruns. Mark led the post from it's creation until he retired from Huber Hts. Police Division in the fall of 2012. After the retirement of Officer Bruns, the Post is now is led by members of the Public Affairs Division. At this time there are approximately 20 members. The program is designed to help prepare students between the ages of 14 (plus completion of the 8th grade) and 20 for a career in law enforcement. The purpose of the Explorer Post is to:

  1. Increase the understanding between the youth of the community and the Huber Heights Police Division
  2. Guide qualified young men and women into a career in Law Enforcement
  3. Provide the opportunity for citizenship, service, fitness, and the social and vocational experiences necessary for young men and women to be better prepared to take their place in the community as responsible citizens

Program Details

All Explorers are instructed in police procedures, criminal law, and practical experience, by riding with officers on a frequent basis. They also attend training sessions put on by officers and police instructors with the Division. Members assist with security, traffic and crowd control at community events, and other tasks during their time with sworn police officers. 

Explorer Post Number 57 has also been active in national explorer competitions, where they have competed against other explorer groups from around the country, utilizing the skills they have been taught. In 2008, explorers from Huber Heights finished 5th in the country for their efforts in the Hostage Negotiation scenario sponsored by the FBI Hostage Negotiation Team. Many of the Huber Heights Police Explorers have grown up to become career police officers, including over ten at our agency. 


If you have an interest in becoming part of the Huber Heights Police Explorer Post, contact Sergeant Charles Taylor at 937-237-3556, or by email. You may also contact Officer Ed Savard at 937-237-3567, or by email.