Online Payments

The City of Huber Heights now accepts online payments for City services.  Please click below on the link for the fee you want to pay and you will be redirected to the billing website.  You may pay by credit or debit card or online check.

Water, Sewer, and Stormwater 

Income Tax Payments

Police - Parking Fines, False Alarm Fees, Police Reports (NOT for Court fees such as moving violations or criminal charges)

Fire - Inspection Permits, CPR Class, False Alarm Fees

Planning and Zoning - Permits, Plans & Specs, Planning Commission Fees


Delinquent Water, Sewer or Storm (NOT for City Water Payments)

Sidewalk, Weeds, Property Maintenance

Cash Bond (NOT Court/Jail Related) 

Engineering   **Prior to making any online payment for Engineering services, please contact the City Engineering Department at 937-237-5810. 

Right of Way 


Engineering Review, Site Plan Re-Inspection, Bid Documents

Parks / Community Services - Vendor Fees, Park Donations, Community Service Event Donations

Mayor / Council - Weddings, Public Records Request Fee

General / Other - Hotel / Motel Tax, Other Miscellaneous Fees