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Welcome to the City of
Huber Heights, Ohio

Huber Heights, Ohio is located at the true crossroads of America: I-70 and I-75. The City offers beautiful parks and recreational opportunities for every interest, a very diverse population representing many cultures; great schools and athletic programs. We have a strong business community and forward-thinking development opportunities in transportation logistics, research and development, high tech, light industrial, and a host of other enterprises. Our growing residential stock offers housing and lifestyle variety unmatched in our region. Family-centered residential development in beautiful wooded areas, urban settings, and semi-rural neighborhoods makes Huber Heights an attractive town to call home.

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News From Our Community
The City of Huber Heights ROAD IS OPEN!! Both S.R. 202 North of Carriage Trails AND Taylorsville Rd. East of Brandt Pike are repaired and open to traffic! The City of Huber Heights The section of Taylorsville Rd that was closed due to potholes is now OPEN. The City of Huber Heights Vendors The City of Huber Heights Huber Fire (HuberFire) on Twitter The City of Huber Heights Tax are due Today! Our Income Tax Office will be open with extended hours today. Visit them 7:30 am to 6:00 pm on Brandt Pike in the Huber Center. The City of Huber Heights "We were notified by ODOT this..." on their own photo.